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14/365: Time to go Home

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The weather cooperated, thank God! After a slight delayed, they were looking for 2 persons to give up there seats in lieu of Php 3000.00 each, an overnight hotel accomodation and guaranteed flight tomorrow, since they were overbooked. If i was not scheduled to report for work tomorrow, I’d have grab the opportunity to stay another day in cebu. The 2 photos shown were taken by my seatmate and sister, Kiana, when I asked her to take a photo of me, hehehehe.


On the way to the USC, we chanced upon a bright, gleaming sky blue mini cooper. …. hayzzzz, dream car. This is also Miko’s 2nd and last day of competition. It seems the weather didnt cooperate this time since it began pouring at 9 am, and we learned that the fligths to Surigao was cancelled due to bad weather. We were a bit worried since we will be going home the next day, but all this was set aside when we began cheering for the surigao dolphins.


This is Miko’s 4th time competing in VISSA Inter school swimming competition and second year competing in swimming. He didnt won any medals this time though he was 4th in rank in 2 of the 6 events he competed and even ranked 6th in a 200m IM which he competed for the first time. Hes time improved compared to the last VISSA competition he attended last December where he won a bronze and a silver medal. Congratulations Kuya Miko.

11/365: After a 4 hour delayed flight

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Kiana always love to pose, this time though the smile was a little bit off.  Who wouldnt be when we were delayed for our flight for nearly 4 hours.  Anyway, the resilience of youth made her bounce back as fresh and energetic as the morning she woke up.

10/365: Friends and Gifts

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I was walking in the garden very early in the morning looking for the subject for my 1oth post and was unsuccessful.  While getting ready for work, and deciding what to spritz on to make me yummier, hehehehe, I came across a partially opened gift.   This was given to me by my friend lats January as a late christmas present.   So before I used them, Ive decided to immortalized them and be the subject of my 10th post.   Thank you very much Ems…..and you can give me late presents anytime…he he he.  (I apologize for the bad photo which didnt do justice to the gifts…this was taken by my 2mp BB which has no flash).


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Last week classes were cancelled due to heavy rains and flooding in our place.  Thus my little sister’s school foundation day was cancelled too.  Today, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, and it shone even more with the painted, smiling faces of these elementary students as they performed this cheer dance number.

8/365: Miko

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My younger brother’s congratulatory banner for winning the division level swimming competition last November.  In a few days, he will be competing again for the USC invitational swimming competition in Cebu.